6 Important Tips for Holding Baking Classes

Do you love baking? Looking for ways to start your own bakery classes and earn some money?

If yes, then you need to check these amazing tips which will help you in successfully holding your own baking classes and expand your baking business. Trust me, these tips will really help in shaping your classes and will make you a popular bakery class in your town.

Tip 1: Introduce the Class with a Video

One of the most important things to keep in mind when you schedule a Baking Class is that visual representation is often more stimulating than an auditory one. So, try to start your class with a short yet inspiring video which will make the students fall in love with your baking classes. This doesn’t mean that you have shoot a video and then compile it, you can easily select any video from YouTube and use it as an ice breaker for your class.

Tip 2: Share your Baking Stories

Another thing which really inspires faith and trust in students is listening to successful stories about past classes and workshops. It can be a little intimidating for a new student to learn about baking recipes and using the tools but when they hear that other batches started the same way too, they will start feeling more relaxed and confident. Success stories are a great way to boost your class’ morale and will help you in reaching out to the students.

Share your Baking Stories

Tip 3: Provide Students with Recipe booklets

Make sure that you prepare the baking class handouts to be distributed among the students. This is a great way to ensure that your students don’t feel scared and have something to refer when they forget a step. This can also encourage them to practice the recipes taught in class which can only help in further advancement of their baking skills. Trust me, giving handouts and booklets is a great way to conduct a Baking Class and will come in handy during and after the class.

Tip 4: Engage Them in a Hands-On Session

The most important part of a Baking Class is when the students themselves try a recipe using the tools and ingredients provided to them. This will help them understand the recipes better and will provide them with a chance to ask you questions when they get stuck at a step. You can also take help of a few students to demonstrate a recipe but this will require a little planning from your side. Another way would be to give then baking assignments or hold regular sessions where they prepare a Baking recipe that they are interested in. This will not only be fun but will also make your students look forward to the next baking class.

Hands-On Session

Tip 5: Prepare a Diverse Menu

One important tip to remember is that a lot of people might be not fond of an ingredient or a recipe. So, make sure that you don’t force something on your students and don’t curb their creativity. Create a menu including different types of baking recipes which will ensure that your students will find at least one recipe appealing to them. This will keep them interested in baking and you can also share tips with them on how they can prepare a recipe by swapping some ingredients.

Tip 6: Be Supportive and Attentive

Most importantly, you need to be nurturing and supportive during the classes. Be careful when doling out praises but don’t be too harsh with your criticisms as well. Keep inspiring your students to do well and help them when they are stuck.

Supportive and Attentive

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